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PhotoVoice Project

There is an old saying that, "A picture is worth a thousand words." The simplest description of PhotoVoice is a visual depiction of the community, by the community.

Photos from the 2021 Native Connections PhotoVoice project are featured on this website. Photographers are Nez Perce youth, young adults and parents / caregivers of youth and young adults.

This first group of photos were taken in response to the question, "What does self-love mean to you?"

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carrie being indigenous.jpeg
Beautiful Lake
Grass and Flowers

Native Connections

Nimiipuu Resilience

The overall goal is to promote behavioral health, wellness and self-care among Native American youth and young adults on or near the Nez Perce Reservation. Native Connections activities are planned and implemented by a native youth advisory board - NAHOVA (Native American Hear Our Voices Arise).

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What brings you joy?

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Susan Broncheau calms.jpeg
amil mitchell calms.JPG
calms me down chloe thompson.jpg
carrie reuben mad or stressed.jpeg
Dave Sotomish calms4.jpg
Diane Ellenwood Photo Voice 4 - Calms.jpg
gracia broncheau music calms me down when I'm mad or stressed.jpeg
kolina james calms.jpg
maxine white temple calms you down.jpeg
patricia white temple calms1.jpg
patricia whitetemple calms2.jpg
Sayaqic broncheau 4 stress.jpg
Susan Broncheau calms.jpeg
What calms you down when you're mad or stressed2_MyraCampbell.jpg
What calms you down when you're mad or stressed3_MyraCampbell.jpg
Ada Marks 4 calms.jpeg
Dana sotomish calms_.jpeg



What calms you down when you are mad?

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amil mitchell calms.JPG
Ada Marks 5 indigenous.jpeg
being indig. 5 amil mitchell.jpg
being indigenous accomplishment chloe thompson.jpg
carrie reuben being indigenous.jpeg
dana sotomish indigenous.jpeg
Dave Sotomish Indigenous 5.jpg
Diane Ellenwood Photo Voice 5 - Being Indigenous.jpg
maxine white temple being indigenous.jpeg
patricia whitetemple indigenous.jpg
patricia whitetemple indignenous.jpg
ribbon skirt_Maxine White Temple.jpeg
Sayaqic broncheau 5 indigenous.jpg
Susan Broncheau indigenous.jpeg
amil mithchell cultural activity.JPG
carrie reuben cultural activity.jpeg
Dana Sotomish cultural activity.jpeg
Dave Sotomish  culture.jpg
Diane Ellenwood Photo Voice 6 - Cultural.jpg
favorite cultural activities chloe thompson.jpg
gracia broncheau pick huckleberries.jpeg
maxine white temple  cultural activity.jpg
patricia whitetemple picking huckleberries.jpg
Sayaqic broncheau 6 cultural thing.jpg
susan broncheau cultural act.jpeg
What are you favorite cultural activities_Myra-Campbell.jpg

What does "Being Indigenous" mean to you?

Being Indigenous

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Traditional and Cultural Practices

What are your favorite cultural activities?

Future Plans


What are your future plans? / What you look forward to in your future?

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